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Question: I am the leader of a four-person management team. The other three members are responsible for sales, operations, and research/development, respectively. Each of us is a seasoned, industryexperienced veteran. We are relatively new to working together, though. We have worked together as a management team for only about 2-1/2 years. The issue I want some help with is
our lack of cohesion and generally strained communications. The worst offender is the R&D manager. He is highly intelligent and often uses his advanced degrees and technical know-how to put the rest of us down. He is a know-it-all who is never wrong. He also has no problem pointing out where we fall short. His employees hate working for him, and we have lost two high potential employees in his work area in the last month. What can we do to start connecting more
as a management team? What can I do with the R&D manager to get him to be more of a team player?

Answer: As you describe it, it sounds as if your management team and the
individuals that comprise it have strong technical skills. You mention the fact that each of you is a seasoned veteran. At the same time, you describe a management team that does not get along very well.

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