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Question: In your column in the July 25 edition of SBT, you emphasized “ARMED,” the need for employers to acquire, retain, manage, educate and develop their employees. I understand what you are driving at with this acronym, but I’m curious about the foundation for these activities. How do you organize them so they “hang together?”

Answer: Peak performance is the target of the ARMED acronym. This is, of course, a primary goal for most any organization. In my experience, often times when a discussion is held regarding what makes for an environment of maximum performance, it quickly focuses on rewards and recognition. Yet, while it clearly is important to let employees know that you value their efforts, I believe there are even more fundamental elements to consider: (1) the work; and (2) the employee.

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Daniel A. Schroeder, Ph.D. is president of Brookfield based Organization Development Consultants Inc. ( He can be reached at 262-827-1901 or Read More »

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