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Question: 2002 is just about over, and it’s been another tough year for us. The economy has been slow. Sales are down. We’ve had two waves of employee layoffs. Employee morale is low. Top management is asking us to do more with less. What advice do you have for a manager who is trying to keep it going in face of ongoing adversity?

Answer: There are no easy answers to your question. In some form or fashion, the organizational clients with whom I work are all saying what you’re saying, regardless of the sector in which they operate; 2002 has been a tough year for most companies. While there are some signs that 2003 will be better, there are, of course, no guarantees.

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Daniel A. Schroeder, Ph.D. is president of Brookfield based Organization Development Consultants Inc. ( He can be reached at 262-827-1901 or Read More »

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