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Question: I read your column in the Nov. 10 issue of Small Business Times and enjoyed it. The “ARMED” acronym caught my eye, in light of some emerging issues in my company that I am being asked to pursue as major projects for 2007. Here’s why. The directors of the organization have identified the need to do a better job in identifying and developing leaders. They are concerned that the “bench” is not deep enough. One major challenge is identifying better ways to spot people who have leadership potential and to create a systematic program for developing leaders. I have until February to come up with my game plan. After that, I’ll spend the rest of the year implementing it. What do you think I should do?

Answer: Glad you enjoyed the Nov. 10 article. You will recall that in it I outlined some ways that HR departments could move to become a more strategic function and more of a driver of the organizational success equation. The “ARMED” acronym you reference was highlighted as a way to do this. Basically, my point was that for HR to step forward it has to do a better job of carrying out, measuring, and reporting its practices relative to these key activities:

• Acquiring (i.e., employee selection)
• Retaining (i.e., job satisfaction, organizational culture)
• Managing (i.e., performance management)
• Educating (i.e., lifelong learning)
• Developing (i.e., coaching, career development)

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