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Question: “In your Feb. 4 column in BizTimes Milwaukee, you wrote about the need for leaders to have balance between technical and interpersonal skills. Could you extend your discussion, specifically by talking about the concept of leadership style?”

Answer: Leadership is, of course, one of the most fertile areas in the business and management literature. There are literally thousands of books out there on this topic. Is there one best way to lead? Just what does it mean to lead, anyway? This is where the concept of leadership style comes in. Just as we all have differently shaped feet and toes, we also have different ways of leading and influencing. Leadership style represents your characteristic approach to leading others. Your style is born of your personality, values, personal and professional experiences, mentors, role models, and education/ training (or lack thereof).

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Daniel A. Schroeder, Ph.D. is president of Brookfield based Organization Development Consultants Inc. ( He can be reached at 262-827-1901 or Read More »

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