As ODC Performance Partner MaxCI Maximizing Community Investments, Inc. created a one of its kind, on-line assessment and growth model to benefit not-for-profit organizations which, in turn, generates a different set of benefits for grant-making institutions – foundations, corporations and governmental agencies. It is a valuable tool for “both sides of the funding table.”

The MaxCI Assessment is hosted and powered by Qualtrics which has an impressive national and international clientele (

The output of the MaxCI Assessment includes an organization’s ipsative score, that is, a scoring mechanism that compares the not-for-profit organization to itself – to its potential – and not to other organizations. Based on the answers to the questions, the not-for-profit organization instantly receives a set of Assumptions & Recommendations in nine critical not-for-profit business functions. It is like an organizational GPS: You know where you are, where you want to go and how to get there – a guide to grow, strengthen and to reach optimal capacity.

Benedict J. Di Salvo, Vice President and CEO
MaxCI Maximizing Community Investments, Inc.


Phone: 608.217.0657