Family Business Legacy Institute

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ODC is excited to announce its affiliation with the Family Business Legacy Institute (FBLI), a Milwaukee-based organization founded in 2015 whose mission statement is to, “Faithfully support family businesses for the future.”

In his announcement to FBLI members on July 19, 2016, Dr. David Borst,         Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, said,

“The FBLI Board is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Daniel Schroeder of Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC) to our organization as a service provider.”

See Dr. Schroeder’s bio (click here). 

Dr. Borst observed, “I have known Dan for many years as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist.  We have sat on boards together at the Better Business Bureau and I personally have seen his ethics and the value he brings to organizations.  The Board felt having a consulting psychologist as part of our institute was beneficial as it added something not provided by our partners or Board.  Families and partners will have an opportunity later in the year to see what Dan brings to the FBLI family in terms of testing, analytics, and consultation with leaders and organizations. 

ODC looks forward to working with FBLI on this valuable business partnership.

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