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We are a dynamic group of experienced industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologists and organizational development (OD) professionals. We help clients achieve their strategic objectives by maximizing the use of their human resources. We employ state-of-the-art methods that energize and transform individual, team, and organizational performance through our Total Performance System™.



Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC) was founded in 1994 in Brookfield, Wisconsin by Dr. Nicholas Claditis and Dr. Daniel Schroeder. Continued growth in 2001 included opening an office in Madison, Wisconsin and an affiliation with Edgewood College also in Madison.

We continue to add talented OD professionals to our staff providing clients with a deep understanding of issues behind the Total Performance System™


Celebrating 20 years of

consulting success!

Opening the Door in '94...
Tonya Harding wins the National Figure Skating championship but her title is stripped following an attack on Nancy Kerrigan, Lisa Presley marries Michael Jackson, the music industry tragically loses Kurt Cobain and Major League Baseball went on strike causing the cancellation of the 1994 season. Who will ever forget the famous car chase of OJ Simpson fleeing from the police in his white Ford Bronco? 1994 also marked the release of the popular movies including Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, and Dumb and Dumber.

For ODC, the year 1994 was the beginning of our journey, what started as a vision between Milwaukee-area management consultants, Dr. Nick Claditis and Dr. Dan Schroeder. The two had an idea of opening a consulting practice focused on meeting the diverse performance improvement needs of individuals, teams, and organizations. The idea was to link and align individual and aggregate performance by offering an integrated suite of professional services (i.e. individual-based, team-based, and organization-wide.) The two industrial psychologists thought it was a grand idea, but just hoped clients would follow. They aptly chose the business name Organization Development Consultants, Inc.

The business duo rented a small office space in Brookfield, equipped with no more than a couple of used desks and a card table and chairs, owing to a delayed furniture shipment! They hired a part-time office assistant and lined up a few clients.

Farewell Dr. Claditis...
In September of 2010, Dr. Schroeder assumed sole ownership of the company after Dr. Claditis' retirement. From there, the company continued to grow as Dr. Schroeder expanded the firm's scope of services. In the past few years, ODC has been spending more time in support of organization-wide initiatives, including change management, leadership development, succession planning, and organization analysis.

ODC Today...
Fast forward two decades and here we are, working with our many public and private sector clients, some who have been with us since the start! The journey has been an exciting one, filled with ups and downs as in any small business, but what started as the dream of two men sitting in a makeshift office with a card table and a couple of chairs has been amazing!

We look forward to the challenges the next 20 years hold.

Thank you for sharing the ride with us...
The ODC Team