Celebrating 25 years of consulting success!

Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC) in Brookfield, Wisconsin, will celebrate 25 years in business in 2019. Since our founding, the journey has been exciting, filled with ups and downs as in any small business, but the growth of what started as the dream of two men sitting in a makeshift office has been amazing and humbling.


WFA logo"Congratulations to all of you for all of the help you have provided to companies and individuals over the years! Thank you for helping me and my company."

— Tom Krist | WFA Staffing


"We have been working with ODC for the past seven years. They do an amazing job. Today, time is so important and ODC understands that. They work with departments to schedule sessions and then within 1-2 days you have a well written report and are ready to move forward.  Extremely professional and courteous staff. With today’s tight budgets, ODC is well worth it.  I look forward to working with them for years to come. Thanks for all that you do."

-- JoAnn Mignon |  Chief of Police, Brillion & Reedsville Police Department

"ODC has been a long term contact for our department to do pre-employment screening to choose the most qualified employees and hire the best for our positions on an ongoing basis."

-- Dale Heeringa | Chief of Police, City of Waupun Police Department

"We are long-term users and proponents of ODC’s services. Their approach is to identify and present a candidates unique makeup and then work closely with our command staff in utilizing that information for overall professional excellence."

-- Steve Riffel | Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety City of Sheboygan Falls Police & Fire Departments. President, Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with ODC. They are extremely professional, helpful, and responsive to all of our needs."

-- Russell Jack | Chief of Police Waukesha Police Department

"Very Professional."

--Benjamin Bakken | Chief of Police La Farge Police Department

"Our agency used ODC after speaking with them at the 2013 WCPA Conference.  Their staff is professional and the final report was thorough.  I really like the work behaviors assesssment in addition to the psychological testing I especially appreciated the definitive "thumbs up / thumbs down" report."

-- John Mabry | Chief of Police Marinette Police Department

"Great tool for hiring/promotion."

--David A. Sonntag | Chief of Police, City of Phillips Police Department

“ODC has helped our management team adopt a more systematic, strategic approach built on genuine relationships. Our work with ODC has evolved over time; as we began to demonstrate more of the characteristics of high performing teams, we have been able to redirect our attention to more far-reaching, longer-term goals that are important to our continued success. In addition, ODC has helped us better understand ourselves and, more important, how to work together effectively.”

-- Scott Flanagan I President, Edgewood College

“We needed to transform our organization in terms of culture, performance, and structure.  We needed a firm with experience in helping us achieve this and to guide and facilitate this process for us.  When we investigated firms with the right qualifications, experience and results, the choice of ODC was obvious.  ODC gave us the tools for success in achieving our goal. If an organization is looking to improve its effectiveness and raise its level of performance, ODC would be the firm to help them achieve those ends.”

-- Paul Oswald I President, Environmental Systems, Inc. (ESI)

“ODC facilitated a series of important interventions for RMT, a nationally-known environmental engineering consulting-services company. They actively listened to our needs and then developed approaches that were engaging, exciting, and highly impacting.  They have excellent skills and capabilities. Their business acumen complements their overall professionalism and establishes instant credibility with participants, including ‘high leverage’ players.”

-- Jack Seeds I former Vice President of Human Resources, RMT, Inc.

“We worked with ODC through a fantastic partnership to create a management training program that was personalized to our needs, allowed participants to earn college credit, and produced proven business results.  The program was designed to increase participants’ performance in the core competencies that had been identified as necessary for success in store management. Statistical analysis demonstrated that employees who were successful in the program positively affected store-line profitability. I believe that ODC’s approach represents the ‘wave of the future.’”

-- Carla Edgar I former Development and Training Manager, Blain's Farm & Fleet

 “We worked closely with ODC to redesign our corporate New Employee Orientation (NEO) program. They were instrumental in turning this program into a spectacular event that received glowing remarks from participants at every session. I recommend ODC with great enthusiasm because of the exceptional work they do.  I saw first-hand what they were able to do in transforming a monumental project into a world-class program. I was proud to ‘show off’ this program to other organizations.”

-- Dorothy Valentine I former Learning and Education Manager, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

“ODC has been a valuable resource for our organization over the years. ODC has assisted us with training, mentoring, and the development of team members so they could reach their full potential.  They have also been a resource for us in helping us to identify issues and recommend solutions to problems that had a direct impact on the operations of the company.  The professionals at ODC have clearly demonstrated that they have the skills, knowledge, and expertise required to help organizations reach their business goals in a friendly, approachable, and always professional manner.”

-- Richard Smith I President, RA Smith National, Inc.

“Our firm sought ODC’s services to address leadership gaps at both an individual and team level.  In some situations, these were newly-minted managers that needed to make the transition from a technical specialist to a management-level position. ODC was instrumental in moving these individuals along the learning curve to effective management. In other situations, we had dysfunctional team dynamics within a team or between business units. This manifested in a lack of trust among team members. ODC assessed team dynamics, identified weaknesses, and created an action plan designed to build greater collaboration. We have also engaged ODC in one-on-one counseling or executive coaching to assist management-level personnel with various performance issues. The benefit to all of these engagements was a more cohesive and effective management team capable of performing at a high level.  An investment in human capital today will pay dividends for the organization. Not addressing problem areas head-on will lead to less than optimal performance, low employee morale, turnover, and organizational dysfunction. Ultimately, this affects the bottom line. Working with ODC helps us stay on top of these challenges.”

-- Dave Maurer I Chief Operating Officer, ProAssurance Companies

“ODC was retained to help us analyze how we work as an organization and make recommendations relating to: (1) business strategy, (2) organizational structure, (3) roles played by functional groups, (4) interdependencies between functional groups, (5) conflict resolution (resource loading), and (6) metrics for measuring effectiveness. ODC was able to put in context our continuing deliberations and keep us on track.  ODC shared best practices in organizational effectiveness. They were able to help us define process as well as provide specific content around organizational structure, assessing talent, and finding “fit” between organizational roles and individual capabilities. ODC brought diverse perspectives to our deliberations.  Change needs a champion. If you’re serious about your business, you’re intentional about change. Neither you nor your business will survive if you stay the same. Whether it’s improving processes, increasing quality and efficiencies, improving the competency of your staff, or fundamentally changing how you go to market, you have to be open to change to remain competitive. We have found that working with partners like ODC that make organizational effectiveness their business, creates a sense of order and accountability where we have the support that is needed to make positive change actually happen.”

-- An Executive from a professional services firm

“ODC arrived on the scene when my department was in personnel turmoil. Through ODC’s approach and efforts, we all learned not only how to be the very best that we could be, but also how to operate like a well-oiled machine. There was lots of pain along the way, hard decisions to make, and some hurt feelings as well, but in the end we came out on top, and to this day we continue to excel while watching each other’s backs. We would not have been able to get there without the services of ODC.”

-- An Executive from an insurance organization

“As president of the College, I was looking for a trusted Facilitator to help me form a strong executive team. Dr. Dan Schroeder of ODC was my choice 10 years ago and he continues to be my first choice today.  Dan brings a very high level of integrity, professionalism, and communication skills to any situation. He is well prepared, and utilizes a wide variety of tools and instruments to help people learn more about themselves and their teammates. He is straightforward, honest, and highly skilled in his communication. He has a nice sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously. He can be trusted with confidential information and is a problem solver of the highest order.  I have found the time with him to be valuable as I worked with individual members of the executive team as well as the group as a whole.”

-- A College President

“ODC provided value-added consulting that helped our organization to move through a difficult time. I was hired to turn around a sixty-person business unit that was underperforming due to employee morale and communication/trust issues. After conducting a national search for the right organization development (OD) firm, I chose ODC based on their ability to quickly understand our challenges and offer insightful advice. ODC’s staff members are experts in recommending management interventions that make sense and fit the situation. Additionally, they had a great style of working with us, teaching new concepts and facilitating meaningful dialogue in a way that allowed us to reach the right conclusions on our own. Our organization is enjoying continued success, thanks in large part to ODC’s help during a critical period.  I highly recommend ODC to anyone working through complex, highly contextualized organizational challenges.”

-- Tony Lester I Vice President, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)

“Wind River Financial has used the services of ODC on a variety of projects over many years. They were critical in the development of the structure related to building a start-up company. They helped develop cohesion and effectiveness within the senior management team.  Their pre-hire screening work helped us to match candidates with the culture, goals and mission of our company. They also assisted in establishing leadership protocols for effective manager meetings and crucial conversations.  The methodology used by ODC helped us build the foundation for the senior management team of the company. The meeting protocols they helped us to implement are still in use today.  They helped identify and create definitions for the foundational Core Competencies and guided us through the development of a company-wide performance management framework. The Core Competencies are referred to often and used in the new-hire orientation process as well as a reference point in all our Manager meetings.  I am certain the investment of time and dollars working with ODC will pay long term dividends in the performance of your organization and the people it employs. The guidance ODC can give and the depth of knowledge of its professionals can help any organization improve.”

-- Mark A. Taber I President/CEO, Wind River Financial

“Church Mutual Insurance Company was looking for a consulting firm who would recognize and be sensitive to the culture of the 117 year-old organization whose market place is religious institutions. It was also important that the consultants brought in to assist the company in developing its senior management team would understand the challenges of a company transitioning from a small family-oriented organization to a billion dollar organization during that time period.   We needed to find a consulting firm that could help us become a more metrics-driven organization.  It was very important that the approach used by the consulting team would recognize the contributions of the tenured executives who built the company, while encouraging new executive talent to fully engage in restructuring organizational processes and improve decision-making.  We needed an approach that would bring together the old and the new in developing innovative ideas needed to restore the company to its leadership position within the niche.

ODC hit a home run on each front! The professionals at ODC facilitated dynamic sharing sessions, encouraging open, non-judgmental dialogue among senior leadership team members leading toward the group’s decision to develop a ‘team charter.’ The team charter outcome increased team cohesion and  improved decision making by defining the management team’s mission, vision, roles, responsibilities, boundaries, fixing accountability, and structuring a decision making process.  ODC’s philosophy of making their business partners/clients self-sufficient rather than dependent on the next consulting engagement was refreshing and rewarding!  Our leadership group knew from the first session that although they needed the intellectual capital and experience of the consultants, they were going to be held accountable for decision-making and the future of the team’s relationship and subsequently the company’s success.  ODC is a valued business partner and continues to assist Church Mutual in identifying and resolving process and talent management challenges.”

-- Insurance Company Executive

“We were looking to do assessments for our current managers, key executives, and new candidates that included Management, Customer Service, and Sales. ODC conducted the testing, interviews, and provided written reports in a thorough and professional manner. The assessments were important for both current staff members and candidates in the hiring process being considered for employment at KN. In addition, ODC led leadership and team building seminars for the KN staff. In working with ODC, we benefited from their insight, experience, and knowledge of their expertise. ODC offers key services that would benefit an organization of any size, in terms of improving individual, team, leadership, and organizational performance.”

-- Mike Rees I President, Kubin-Nicholson Corporation (KN)