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Question: "What do you think about this situation? An executive received notification of his bonus based on his company’s 2011 performance. Angered and upset that it was so small, he sent an e-mail to his wife complaining bitterly about how hard he had worked, how underappreciated he is, etc. The coup de grace is the ‘paltry’ bonus was ‘only’ $300,000! To make a long story, short, the executive hit ‘reply all’ and sent the message to a bunch of people he didn’t mean to and is now under criticism for his greed and insensitivity. The company has lost money the past few years and is currently downsizing and restructuring."

Answer: Where do I begin? This is, unfortunately, an all too common story. Countless stories abound of executives and organizations who fail to operate with integrity or credibility. Consider the scandals with Enron, Arthur Anderson, etc. and, more recently, the focus on steroid use in sports, specifically baseball and our very own Milwaukee Brewer fan favorite, Ryan Braun. Or, consider the blistering, scathing comments of Greg Smith (printed as a New York Times editorial) as he disgustedly exited Goldman Sachs after over a decade with the firm. Smith was brutally candid about why he was leaving; he could no longer tolerate the unbridled greed at Goldman Sachs.

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