Promotional Assessments

Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC) has been performing promotional assessments in a number of settings since 1994.  We are dedicated to quality and professionalism in the Public Safety sector.

ODC recognizes the importance of selecting and advancing the right candidates into leadership positions, understanding that each agency has it's own set of challenges and circumstances. For decades, ODC has been a leader in assisting public safety agencies with their promotional needs by offering custom promotional examinations and psychological assessments. Custom assessments are created based on the individual requirements of the client agency. 

Our promotional testing includes an assessment interview, describing their background and experience. They are also asked to explore various aspects internal to the Department as well as the external environment surrounding the Department. In addition, we ask them to describe their leadership philosophy.

Depending on the individual requirements of the position and agency we also delve into the following areas:

  • Case Study
  • Critical Thinking
  • Aptitudes
  • Learning Style (Preference as a learner and problem solver) 
  • Motivational (Interpersonal factors)
  • Work Style (Behavioral characteristics associated with success in a top executive assignment)
  • Leadership Style
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations for their ongoing growth and development

By helping you make informed promotional choices, we also help you design the team you are looking for to build a better Department and a stronger atmosphere.

We provide promotional assessments for Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief and Chief of Police.

Call us in Brookfield to learn more: 262-827-1901.