Psychological Assessments

Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC) has been performing psychological assessments in a number of settings since 1994. We are dedicated to quality and professionalism in the Public Safety sector. 

ODC's assessment services can help you identify those applicants who, if employed, are likely to be successful in their chosen career.

Even trained professionals can have difficulty gaining insight into an individual's personality through interviews alone. With our extensive testing, we can provide you with insight into the candidates' cognitive abilities, personality, and their tendencies to engage in positive work behaviors.

We also conduct a very thorough background interview.

We provide a written report that includes a conclusion, a hiring summary and recommendations for the candidates on-going  development.

The applicant has a face-to-face interview with a licensed psychologist experienced in public safety evaluations. The interview comprises a thorough review of their history; covering employment, education, driving, finances, arrests, substance abuse, relationships, family upbringing, military background, gun ownership and mental health treatment as well as other topics. The semi-structured interview lasts 45-60 minutes and each applicant is asked the same set of standard questions to provide an objective, fair evaluation.  Individualized follow-up questions are also asked depending on the applicant's responses. 

Depending on the individual requirements of the position and agency we also delve into the following areas:

  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Police Problem Solving
  • Positive and Delinquent Work Behaviors
  • Personality
  • Multiple Psychological Tests

For decades, ODC has been a leader in assisting police and fire departments with their hiring needs by offering custom psychological assessments. Custom assessments are created based on the individual requirements of the client public safety agency.

By helping you make better hiring choices, we also help you reduce turn-over and build a better Department and a stronger team atmosphere.

We provide psychological assessments for Police, Fire, Dispatch, EMS/EMT, Jail/Corrections Officer, Sheriff's/Deputy Sheriff's and Public Safety Specialists. 

Call us in Brookfield to learn more: 262-827-1901.