Fitness for Duty Assessments from ODC in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Organization Development Consultants provides fitness-for-duty assessments for companies in the Milwaukee area and elsewhere in Wisconsin.

A psychological fitness-for-duty (FFD) evaluation is a formal, specialized examination of an incumbent employee that results from (1) objective evidence that the employee may be unable to safely or effectively perform a defined job and (2) a reasonable basis for believing that the cause may be attributable to a psychological condition or impairment.

The central purpose of an FFD is to determine whether the employee is able to safely and effectively perform his or her essential job functions.

In carrying out FFD assessments, ODC utilizes criterion-derived clinical personality and cognitive instruments, a structured interview, and review of relevant collateral information to offer a robust and thorough report.

Contact us in Brookfield at 262-827-1901 to learn more about fitness-for-duty evaluations. 

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