Our Approach to Organization Assessments

At Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC), we believe that the manner in which the organization manages its “other bottom line” (i.e., its corporate culture) ultimately drives the returns that are realized at the bottom line.

Virtually every successful organization with which we are familiar has developed a distinct, identifiable culture that is easily recognized by its employees. These organizations study and monitor performance in these (and other) areas:

  • Strategy/Mission
  • Goals
  • Measurement
  • Communication
  • Group Boundaries
  • Power and Status
  • Relationships
  • Rewards

In assessing an organization, we typically make use of a variety of data gathering approaches to develop a comprehensive profile. Specific methods that may be employed include:

  • Archival research
    In order to understand the context within which the organization operates, we study and review various reports in order to document emerging issues.
  • Focus groups
    To probe the perspectives of the key constituents, focus groups are sometimes conducted. Typically, we use a structured survey to guide the interaction with the focus group.
  • Interviews
    Individual interviews are carried out in order to gather first-hand perspectives from those occupying the most critical organizational roles. A structured interview protocol is used to provide the proper focus for the interviews and to ensure continuity.
  • Corporate Culture Assessment Inventory™
    We use our organizational survey to gather data from employees at-large. While it is advantageous to get responses from as many individuals as possible, sampling may be used for efficiency purposes.

Data from the organizational analysis are used typically used to guide and target subsequent planning, leadership development, and team development initiatives.

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