Our Approach to

Team Assessments

At Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC), we firmly believe that the effectiveness of the teams within the organization greatly influences the success of the organization at-large.

Teams need to be concerned with the broader perspective of the organization. Teams need to help the organization adapt to external changes. Similarly, teams must provide for internal integration in response to those adaptations so that the organization’s processes are cohesive, linked, and aligned.

That is the formula for organizational success, both in terms of the bottom line and the “other bottom line” (i.e., corporate culture).

In general, for teams to succeed, the following four characteristics must be present:

  1. The team must be committed to a common goal or purpose.
  2. Members of the team must have clear roles and responsibilities.
  3. The communication structure must foster the sharing of information.
  4. The team must have a sense of mutual accountability.

Assessment is the starting point in developing truly cohesive teams. At ODC, we have a number of tools for doing so, including:

  • Team Development Survey™
    A structured survey that measures team effectiveness in twelve key categories.
  • Observation
    Direct observation of the team as it carries out its work.
  • Interviews
    Face-to-face interactions with team members to identify strengths and developmental areas for the team.

The data that is gathered is fed back to the team and used to guide subsequent team development activities.

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