Performance Coaching

At Organization Development Consultants, we offer “real time” counsel with individuals to enhance their contributions to the organization.  We specialize in individual coaching using a customized approach that encompasses these elements:

In offering to coaching to individuals and teams, ODC makes use of a “Combination Coaching” approach that integrates and synthesizes individual and collective efforts. To learn more about our combination coaching model, click here.

  • Initial meeting with the individual and his/her manager to discuss:
    • His/her role in meeting the organization's strategic objectives
    • Perceived skill gaps, performance challenges
    • Desired performance improvement outcomes
    • Measures of success to be applied (e.g., performance appraisal, MBO, etc.)
    • ODC's coaching process (what it is/isn't, accountability factors, expectations, etc.)
  • Norm-referenced assessments that may include measurement of these attributes:
    • Thinking/Learning styles
    • Problem Solving
    • Critical Thinking
    • Aptitudes/Abilities
    • Interests
    • Motivation
    • Personality
    • Leadership/Management Style

In combination with, or in addition to these assessments, we may also make use of a 360-degree survey using our High Performance Management Inventory© (HPMI)

  • Feedback of assessment results and subsequent individual development action planning for improved performance including:
    • Goal setting
    • Strategy identification
    • Performance objectives
    • Measurable criteria
    • Start/end dates
  • Coaching/guided practice, delivered in person and/or via phone/e-mail, focused on the individual development action plan.  Example target areas are as follows:
    • Improving employee performance through motivation and rewards
    • Making timely, high-quality, and accepted ethical decisions
    • Improving work-group behavior
    • Creating high-performance teams
    • Improving communication and resolving conflicts
    • Leading effectively
    • Addressing the power struggles and managing conflict and stress
    • Managing inter-group behavior and negotiating
  • Formative evaluation of the coaching process and approaches used to implement the individual development action plan.
  • Periodic meetings with the individual and his/her manger to assess ongoing progress.
  • Summative evaluation to document skill transfer and performance/process improvements. 

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