Future Planning

Future Planning

At Organization Development Consultants, we often facilitate action-oriented future planning processes as part of our work to make them high-performing organizations.

We help leaders identify opportunities that capitalize on the organization's strengths and improve the organization's weaknesses by minimizing threats and risks. The process consistently yields timely, hard-hitting, actionable plans.

Briefly, our model involves:

  • Identifying and clarifying the basic, important issues facing the organization as a whole.
  • Agreeing on an overall purpose for the change effort.
  • Deciding which people need to be involved in the effort and how.
  • Determining how much influence these people need to have over the development of this strategy.
  • Clarifying the information people will need to do quality work and make wise decisions regarding their collective future.
  • Exploring methods, processes, and approaches that will best support people in making real time strategic changes. 

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