Organization Development

Organization Development

At Organization Development Consultants, Inc., we use systematic strategies and approaches to enhance organizational productivity and individual well-being. Operating from an "organization as dynamic system" perspective, we off the following interventions at mid-size to large companies and organizations:

  • Planning and Strategy

Clarity of purpose is foundational. We offer assistance in the formulation of strategic and tactical plans.

  • Organizational Structure

We work with our clients to help them analyze job characteristics, work situations, and reporting relationships to configure a maximally effective organizational structure.

  • Change Management

Change management involves the continuous process of aligning an organization with its marketplace and doing it more effectively than the competition. We work with our clients to create systematic, planned programs of change that address the continuous synchronization of the key "levers" of strategy, operations, culture, and reward.

  • Competency Models

We help organizations identify the competencies that are the foundation for success at all organizational levels. Once identified, the competencies are used to link and align critical human resources practices (e.g., human capital management).

  • Team Development

Building rapport and trust is necessary in today's participative approach to work. We offer assistance in building specific team charters, communication channels, and feedback mechanisms. We intervene with teams at levels and help them become more proficient in the key areas of intrapersonal, interpersonal and team performance.

  • Team Building

We offer workshops and seminars, incorporating experiential exercises, problem solving scenarios, and case studies to help teams explore dynamic underlying effective team performance.

  • Process Consulting

Choosing the right method can be the difference between succeeding and failing. We work with work areas, teams and individuals to develop and implement efficient and effective methods and procedures. 

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