Purpose, Partnership, and Process

Purpose, Partnership, and Process

The Three P’s of the internal business environment. The building blocks for encouraging peak performance among individuals, teams and work areas, and the organization at-large.


Leaders help define the mission of the organization.  They help teams set goals that lead to fulfillment of the mission.  They help individuals understand their role within the team.  They link and align individual and collective effort in support of the organization's "one thing" (i.e., that for which it is passionate and capable, and relates to its economic engine).


Leaders clarify the values and beliefs to which the organization adheres.  They set behavioral expectations and norms for organizational members.  They maintain open communication channels and effectively resolve conflicts.


Leaders are measurement minded.  They make use of effective systems and processes.  They help employees to adopt a process perspective in which the focus is on fine-tuning the methods and procedures used to carry out the work. 

Clearly, you can see that by vigorously attending to the Three P's, leaders will be shaping how organizational members approach the work that they do.  In a Three P- oriented work environment, employees are better able to see how what they are doing relates to the product or service that is ultimately offered to end users (i.e., the customers- the most important asset the organization possesses).  They will understand it.  They will identify with it.  They will drive it.  Productivity will be enhanced.  Motivation and job satisfaction will grow.  In short, a culture of high performance will be unleashed.