ODC Helping Wisconsin Communities
Respond to Calls for Greater Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity (DEI)




Consultative Services That Promote Peak Performance and Organizational Excellence!

The experts at Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC) work with top leaders at organizations of all kinds, including mid- to large-size companies, professional service organizations (such as health care and institutions of higher learning), public sector employers (including public safety), and non-profits (including churches) to help their organizations achieve peak performance.

We align our clients’ talent with organizational goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for employees, operations/processes, customers/constituents, and financials.

Our evidenced-based approach leads to demonstrable results for organizations—including increased profits, heightened customer satisfaction, enhanced operational effectiveness, and greater talent retention and employee engagement.

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ODC Helping Wisconsin Communities
Respond to Calls for Greater Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity (DEI)


Peak Performance

Peak Performance Systems (PPS) —A Dynamic Model of Organizational Effectiveness

ODC’s Peak Performance System (PPS) is a dynamic model of focal points and services to enhance organizational effectiveness.  In the graphic above, the center circle or bull’s eye is the target at which peak performance organizations aim; the goal is to become great and stay great by achieving peak performance. The outer ring is comprised of focal points that leaders at peak performance organizations must consider if they are to adopt and pursue “staying great” and peak performance practices. The second ring highlights service areas in which ODC offers consultation, addressing the focal points in the outer ring and translating them into tangible, actionable pursuits that demonstrably impact organizational, team, and individual effectiveness, resulting in “staying great” and peak performance that can be sustained over time. Click on the elements of the graphic to see more!

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